Dropdead Chaos is an alternative metal band created during the first lockdown of March 2020, with Boris Le Gal (ex Betraying The Martyrs), Pierre Jacou (ex Black Bomb A), Renato Di Folco (Les Tambours du Bronx), Nils Courbaron (Sirenia, Bloodorn), Baptiste Ory (Smash Hit Combo), Déhà (Cult of Erinyes) and Raf Pener (ex. T.A.N.K).

After releasing a first single which benefits were entirely given to “La Fondation de France” to help the hospital staff, the band started to write its first album, UNDERNEATH THE SOUND, which was released on the 7th of April 2023 and saluted by the critics (« DDC signs, with it’s first album, a real masterpiece » – Rock Hard // « A crushing album » – Metal Obs // prizewinner of the best album in the Fusion category for the France Metal Awards).

The perfect mix between the power of metal and the emotions of rock music allows the 7 musicians to offer their audience a strong musical experience.
The band’s live performances quickly helped to reach it’s audience and to develop an extremely active and close community.

In anticipation of the EP « THIS IS NOT THE BEGINNING », Dropdead Chaos launched early 2024 a crowdfunding campaign that exceeded all expectations, thanks to the support of it’s community (the « Humans »), the band ended up with more than 18.000€, which is 300% of the initial goal!
With this new EP, Dropdead Chaos aim to uncover a new face of it’s musical universe. Containing 5 songs, already produced, mixed and mastered by HK at Vamacara Studio, “This is not the Beginning” wants to be the mark of the band’s ambitions and pugnacity: reinventing itself to give more to the public.

The first single from this EP, which will be released before this summer, is another proof that the band doesn’t hesitate to stray from their comfort zone. Dropdead Chaos unleashes « 7 Kings », a rewriting of the song « 7 Rings » of Ariana Grande where even the lyrics were rewritten to tell the story of the band.

We can (re)discover this pop classic becoming a super efficient metal song.





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